3 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Cleanup Bags  54 Count

3 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Cleanup Bags 54 Count

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With Wag Bags , there is no need to worry about scrambling around looking for a plain old baggy or scrap of newspaper to pick up your pet's sidewalk unmentionables. Wag Bags doggie clean-up bags is the perfect product to bring along on walks, parks or the beach. The Wag bags come in stylish colors - yellow, orange and green to make the job more pleasant. The unique mitt-shaped design make for easy pick-up and since they're biodegradable, it's the eco-friendly choice. They're the perfect pick-me-up! 18 count Convenient travel size Mitt-shaped for easy pick-up Easy to pull open tab 3 fashion forward colors You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on the server!

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