Black Volitan Lionfish  Large

Black Volitan Lionfish Large

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Lionfish are beautiful solitary creatures and quite popular?with aquarists.??TheBlack Volitan Lionfish has vertical stripes along its body that vary in color from red, burgundy, white and black.? It has eye catching banded spines on the dorsal fin and large flowing pectoral fins. Known to spend time out in the open at dusk and dawn, but will hide in caves in daylight. Due to the venomous nature of the dorsal spines on the lionfish, exercise caution when working in the tank. Adapts to captivity easily when provided with adequate hiding spots such as crevices and caves. Plenty of swimming room is needed as is subdued lighting as this species is more active at night than during the day. Black Volitan Lionfish - Special Care Info As with all Lionfish, the spines located across its dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins are venomous. The likelihood of a sting is a very uncommon event, but should not be taken lightly.

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