Cosequin DS Double Strength 132 Capsules

Cosequin DS Double Strength 132 Capsules

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Cosequin DS, Double Strength) 132 Capsules: Cosequin DS CAPSULES (132 Count) Cosequin for Dogs assists joint health in dogs using a proven safe, effective and bioavailable formula. This potent formula contains TRH122 chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine and manganese ascorbate to support and maintain healthy joints for your dog. Proven results and high standards Cosequin features an exclusive formula that has been shown to be safe, effective and bioavailable in peer-review, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. These results all contribute to Cosequin being the #1 veterinarian recommended brandJoint health assistance isn't only necessary for senior dogs. If you notice your dog having difficulty with strenuous activity, such as walking up stairs or jumping up to bed, your dog may benefit from Cosequin DS. Safe formula Studies conducted to check the safety of Cosequin have shown no adverse effects in blood work parameters, including complete blood count, biochemical and clotting values. High standards and proven results have earned Cosequin a high reputation among veterinarians and is the #1 recommended brand.

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