Garfield Head Cat Scratch Lounger

Garfield Head Cat Scratch Lounger

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Satisfy the natural urge to scratch in your kitty with this Garfield Head Cat Scratcher Lounger. This scratcher features a two-story design and is built to last. It is also the perfect tool with which to get your cat to stop scratching in unwanted areas and develop positive scratching habits. Features: 2 story design; Dense, reinforced construction for durability Includes: Cat Scratcher Environment: Indoors Dimensions: 17.70 in L x 10.30 in W x 16.20 in H Product Weight: 2 lb Directions: Sprinkle a moderate amount of catnip directly on the scratcher lounger Cats love warm spaces and outside views, so put the scratcher near a window If your cat has been scratching somewhere you do not want them to scratch, put the scratcher directly in front of the "no scratch" zone, and slowly move the scratcher and lounger to a different location Help the cat learn to use the scratcher by showing them how it's done - scratch the scratcher with your fingers while they watch Reward with favorite treats, praise with a soft, happy tone of voice whenever they use the scratcher Extend the life of the scratcher by using a large-tooth comb to remove and pull out any loose pieces Size: Large.

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