Natures Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box size 36L x 17.25W x 20.75H White  Black

Natures Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box size 36L x 17.25W x 20.75H White Black

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This NATURE'S MIRACLE Self-Cleaning Litter Box comes complete with an easy three-step set-up process that will allow you to assemble your box with ease. This hooded multi-cat self-cleaning litter system comes in a package that includes extra supplies of waste receptacles and carbon filters. You'll have everything you'll need to keep your self-cleaning box running well. Features: Hooded multi cat self-cleaning litter system Material: Plastic Environment Type: Multi Cat Litter Box Species: Cats Size: For cats over 15 lbs Dimensions: 36 in L x 17.25 in W x 20.75 in H (20.75 in Height Max during operation) Color: Black System Comes Complete With: 1. Catch-All Receptacle with Carbon Filter 2. Carpeted Ramp: Prevents litter from tracking around the house. 3. Sleep Timer: Delays raking 9 hours for uninterrupted sleep. 4. Change Indicator Light: Alerts you when the waste receptacle needs to be changed. 5. High Side Walls: Helps prevent litter scatter. 6. Unique Colors: Black metal fleck. 7. Antimicrobial Protection: Controls odors caused by bacteria on the litter box. 8. Non-Stick Surface on Removable Rake and Pan: Allows for easy cleaning. 9. Smart Detection Motion Sensors: Provides a consistently clean litter box by activating litter raking 20 minutes after use. 10. On/Off Button: Allows for manual cycle when needed. 11. AA Battery Backup: Provides a fresh litter box environment even when power is interrupted. 12. Filter Hood: Absorbs tough litter box odors before they spread. Size: 36"L x 17.25"W x 20.75"H. Color: White & Black.

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