Ramard Total Calm  Focus Soft Chews14.28 oz

Ramard Total Calm Focus Soft Chews14.28 oz

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Ramard Total Calm & Focus Soft Chews is the "leading calmer in the nation" in the form of a palatable soft chew! It provides a natural formula to calm your nervous horse all while keeping them focused and alert. This solution will not make your horse drowsy like most calming products! It works by supporting normal cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is produced during intense stimuli. Have you ever felt sweaty and anxious before a presentation or a job interview? Blame Cortisol for that. Though it is healthy to have some of this hormone in your system, high levels of cortisol results in fatigue, mood swings, aggression and even depression. With a blend of magnesium and B vitamins, the cortisol is controlled to keep your horse stress-free for their training session, show, or race. Helps maintain a normal and relaxed disposition Promotes mental alertness without drowsiness Supports performance, stamina and endurance May reduce the possibility of digestive colic For use in all ages of horses and ponies

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