Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo For Dogs  Cats 17 oz

Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo For Dogs Cats 17 oz

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Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo for Dogs & Cats is the ideal shampoo for giving your pet a healthy, lustrous coat.  Fresh Pet shampoo is specially formulated to have an ideal pH balance for the health of your pet's coat. In addition to an ideal pH balance, Fresh Pet contains a variety of conditioners that serve to brighten your pet's coat with a lustrous sheen. These conditions also work to loosen mats and remove tangles and make your pet's fur more manageable. The unique formulation does more than simply promote coat health, it also removes dirt and odor to ensure your pet is properly cleaned. Fresh pet also contains a fresh scent fragrance to ensure that your pet smells nice for weeks after its use. This shampoo is safe for frequent use and is safe for puppies and kittens that are at least 7 weeks of age. For other shampoos for dogs and cats, check out Top Performance Oatmeal Shampoo for pet's with dry, irritated skin. Fresh Pet Shampoo is the perfect shampoo to clean your pet and care for their coat, so order it for your dog or cat today! Key Features: pH balanced to care for your pet's coat Leaves fresh scent that is long-lasting Safe for dogs and cats over 6 weeks of age

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