Touchless Care Silver Spray 2 oz

Touchless Care Silver Spray 2 oz

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Touchless Care Silver Spray uses dimethicone, zinc oxide, and silver to treat a variety of skin conditions in animals.  Silver's antibacterial properties work synergistically with Dimethicone and Zinc Oxide to protect your pet's skin. The inclusion of Zinc Oxide also makes this formula a perfect way to relieve the itching and irritation associated with these conditions. Touchless Care Silver Spray works to heal skin and remove malodor and pain associated with a variety of skin conditions. This formula is perfect for large external wounds and comes in a conveient 2 ounce spray bottle that does not require you to rub the formula into the animal's skin. This spray provides a uniquely comprehensive treatment for skin ailments and their symptoms, so order a bottle today! Key Features: COntains silver as an antimicrobial agent Zinc Oxide works to provide itch relief and ease pain of application Comes in 2 oz bottle with convenient spray nozzle

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