Touchless Care Zinc Spray 2 oz

Touchless Care Zinc Spray 2 oz

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Touchless Care Zinc Spray provides an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory spray that treats and protects your animal's skin.  This antibacterial spray soothes as it heals the skin and is ideal for fresh surface wounds. This spray can help prevent the infection of open cuts and uses zinc oxide to combat existing irritation an itching. This spray works great for treating the sources and symptoms of conditions like hot spots and dermatitis. Touchless Care Zinc Spray is easy to apply and free of fragrances and alcohol to ensure a pain-free application. This product is safe for pets of all kinds and has been clinically observed by independent laboratories to confirm that it kills at least 99.9% of MRSA, a highly contagious staff bacteria, within 24 hours of application. This product can provides relief and essential sanitation in the case of injury, so order it for your pet today. Key Features: Antibacterial properties cleans wounds thoroughly Provides relief from itching and irritation Comes in 2 ounce bottle with convenient spray nozzle

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