Uromaxx for Cats and Dogs  6 fl oz

Uromaxx for Cats and Dogs 6 fl oz

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UroMaxx for Cats and Dogs is an unprecedented and powerful liquid Lower Urinary Tract formula for (FLUTD). UroMAXX has also been designed and formulated as powerful and effective urinary tract, kidney and bladder formula for cats and dogs. UroMAXX is safe to use everyday. Indications for use: Lower urinary tract disease Idiopathic cystitis Chronic kidney disease Bladder infection Pain while urinating (meowing or howling) Urinating outside of the litter box Frequent licking of the genital area Frequent urination without passing much urine Blood-tinged or dark urine Fever and loss of condition Strong urine smell Ingredients: Cranberry Juice Extract , from the leading producer of cranberry products (75mg per 1.0ml) prevents the ability of microorganisms from adhering to the epithelial cells that line the urinary tract. Glucosamine as (HCL) (65mg per 1.0ml) The urinary tract is covered by a protective barrier called the glycosaminoglycan layer. Glucosamine helps nourish and strengthen the urinary tract layer lining. Vitamin C as (Ascorbic Acid) (35mg per 1.0ml) helps to acidify urine, making the bladder a less inviting environment for harmful bacteria to colonize. Cornsilk (30mg per 1.0ml) is used to treat and detoxify infections of the urinary and genital system. Cornsilk helps reduce frequent urination caused by irritation of the bladder. Dandelion Whole Plant (25mg per 1.0ml) is used for the treatment of the bladder, kidney and urinary disorders. Dandelion strengthens the kidneys and encourages the steady elimination of toxins from the body and is a powerful diuretic. Nettle Leaf (15mg per 1.0ml) is used in the prevention and treatment of bladder stones, urolithiasis and flushing out waste products and toxins to the body associated with feline urinary tract disease. L-Methionine (10 mg per 1.0ml) is a protein amino acid intended to acidify urine in cats that have mild to chronic LUTD (lower urinary tract diseases). Caution: This product should not be given to pregnant or nursing mothers and pets under 12 weeks of age. Also try CONTONE for improved bladder health in dogs.

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