Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating Tablets 60 count

Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating Tablets 60 count

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Discourage Dogs from Eating Stool Does your dog have an embarrassing habit of eating his or her own feces or the feces of other animals? This disturbing, yet surprisingly common canine habit is known as coprophagia. It can be quite common in puppies, although it is often out grown. There is no single cause of coprophagia, nor is there a single solution to the problem. However, many pet owners use Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating Tablets (60 count) to discourage the habit. These soft chew tablets are uniquely formulated and time released to discourage unpleasant stool eating in dogs. Consult a veterinarian for more information. Benefits Chewable tablets Time release Approved for dogs Deters dogs from consuming stool

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