VetriScience VetriLysine Plus  Soft Chews 120 chews

VetriScience VetriLysine Plus Soft Chews 120 chews

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VetriScience® Laboratories? Vetri-Lysine Plus is recommended to support immune system function, collagen formation, tissue repair, antioxidant activity and antibody and lymphocyte production. The amino acid L-lysine supports hormone, antibody and enzyme production, as well as collagen formation and tissue repair. The inclusion of DMG supports methylation, providing useful methyl groups to support the production of hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, nucleic acids, and other metabolically active molecules. Research indicates that supplementing with DMG enhances oxygen utilization at the cellular level and supports the immune response. For use in cats and kittens only. Vetri-Lysine Plus Supports Immune system Function Collagen formation Tissue repair Antioxidant activity Antibody and Lymphocyte production

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