carefresh Colorful Creations Small Pet Bedding size 50 L

carefresh Colorful Creations Small Pet Bedding size 50 L

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care fresh Colorful Creations Small Animal Bedding allows you to create a fun and vibrant living space for your small pet while keeping him comfortable and dry. This colorful bedding made from natural paper fibers can match your room decor, show your favorite team's colors, or allow you to come up with a creative design of your own. However you choose to use it, you will create a unique and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for your small pet to live in. Features: 10-day odor control Absorbs 3 times its weight Expands to 2 times its volume Virtually dust-free No harmful chemicals or dye Includes: Paper bedding Intended Pet(s): Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, ferrets and other small pets. Material(s): Natural paper fibers Color: Yellow Product Dimensions: 5 L; 23 L; 50 L Caution: As with any change to your pet's environment, there is a potential risk of impaction if your pet ingests a significant amount of its bedding. If you suspect impaction, discontinue use immediately and seek veterinary care. Instructions: Place one to three inches of care fresh colorful creations bedding in your pet's habitat depending on the number of pets housed. Remove damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replace with fresh bedding. Change weekly or as needed.

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