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BeneBac Plus Pet Gel is a concentrated blend of seven naturally occurring microorganisms found in the intestinal tract of mammals. Newborn mammals have no bacteria in their GI tract at birth and inoculation typically comes from nursing on their mother. If these newborns are being bottle-fed, giving a probiotic may help to speed the growth of needed bacteria in the GI tract. This supplement can also help animals who are experiencing stress, a change in diet or who are on antibiotics. This potent gel contains 20 million CFU per gram of viable lactic acid-producing bacteria. Contains a source of live naturally occurring microorganisms for dogs, cats, exotics and wildlife mammals Great to use when training, working, transporting, showing, post clinical therapy, weaning, or for orphaned newborns Recommended any time an animal experiences stress from changing nutritional or environmental conditions Relieves intestinal stress with lactic acid producing bacteria Contains 20 million CFU per gram of viable lactic acid producing bacteria

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