Duramune Max PC (25 Doses)
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Duramune Max PC is a vaccine that works to prevent diseases caused by the canine coronavirus or canine parvovirus. This vaccine can be administered to your pets subcutis, the layer of skin below the dermis and epidermis. The vaccine contains both dead and live, modified versions of the viruses to help your dog's immune system recognize and combat the viruses. Duramune Max PC is recommended for all healthy dogs that are at least six weeks of age. This package comes with 25 doses of the vaccine for revaccination of the same pet or for multiple pets. Both coronavirus and parvovirus can be devastating to your dog's health- don't take the risk, order these vaccines for your dog today. Key Features: Contains live modified and inactive virus strains for canine coronavirus and canine parvovirus Works to prevent coronavirus and parvovirus in dogs Comes with 25 doses

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