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Creates powerful water circulation and currentsForward and reverse flow feature.Enhances water flow through undergravel filters, improving filtration efficiency.Creates powerful water current for increased circulation inside the aquarium.Filters out particles with the addition of the AquaClear Quickfilter (sold separately).Outstanding Performance in Every ApplicationAquaClear Powerheads deliver outstanding performance in a variety of applications. They can efficiently drive undergravel filters, circulate and aerate aquarium water, and attach to filtration accessories such as the AquaClear Quick Filter to support crystal clear water conditions.Raise Oxygen LevelsAquaClear Powerheads can be used to raise oxygen levels, which is important when there are increases in water temperature or fish population, and during the treatment of diseases.Ideal for Fresh and Saltwater ApplicationsAquaClear Powerheads can also be connected to drive protein skimmers, which are essential devices for most marine aquariums.Freshwater aquariums benefit from additional currents in many applications. Using a powerhead in combination with an AquaClear Quick Filter provides added safe mechanical filtration for cleaner water conditions and the protection of baby fish.AquaClear Powerheads are indispensable in smaller reef aquariums where they can be easily hidden and still provide highly beneficial currents.Reverse Flow FeatureAquaClear's unique reverse flow feature allows the powerhead to force water down the undergravel riser stem and beneath the gravel. This helps promote bacterial growth from the bottom up.Innovative DesignIn addition to being the ultimate submersible water movers, AquaClear Powerheads also include these great design, safety, and utility innovations:Hermetically-sealed, completely submersible motor unit which is insulated with highly effective epoxy resin to insulate against harsh freshwater and saltwater environments.Compact, energy-efficient motor unit is isolated to elimin

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