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Healthy Hygiene Gift Set For Dogs & Cats by PHS Humans aren't the only ones who need to keep healthy hygiene, and our pets can also benefit. The Healthy Hygiene Gift Set For Dogs & Cats has everything you need to keep your pet's coat nice and shiny, ears dirt-free, and teeth bright white. Take advantage of this bundle package as the price is lower than ever! Vita-Soothe Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo (17 oz) is designed for a dog or cat that has itchy, scaling or sensitive skin. This shampoo will clean and soothe as it improves skin and hair. Vita-Soothe is a natural product without harsh chemicals that uses soothing aloe, the whole natural goodness of oatmeal, along with vitamins and emollients to restore moisture to your pet's skin. It does so with a hypoallergenic formula that utilizes gentle ingredients with your pet's hair and skin in mind. Vita-Soothe is a detergent and soap-free formulation. It can be used as often as necessary and will not strip the coat. For Use In: Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and Rabbits Otiderm Ear Cleanser (8 oz) is specifically formulated to deodorize and gently clean, while it acidifies the pet's ear canal and self dries. This provides an ideal environment for healthy ears. Otiderm is an anti-irritant formula with neutral ph and aloe vera. Otiderm can be used in conjunction with ear medications. Ora-Clens Dental Rinse for Dogs and Cats (8 oz) An effective, safe and palatable, fresh antimicrobial formula for reducing plaque and freshening breath in dogs and cats. Contains antimicrobial, anti-plaque and anti-calculus properties to aid in tooth and gum disease prevention.



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