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Ketch-All Multiple Catch MouseTrap by Kness Includes: Snap-E Mousetrap and Big Snap-E Rat Trap Easy to bait, set and release Constructed of durable polystyrene and steel Extra-large trip paddle Sanitary and built to last The ultimate in re-usable, single-catch traps How to set and use your multiple-catch mousetrap The Ketch-All needs no bait and catches multiple mice in one setting. Wind trap 4 to 6 full (360)turns. The trap is now properly set. Place the Ketch-All 1-1/2" to 2" from and parallel to the wall, with either entrance hole facing the wall. The trap may also be placed with either end flush to the wall. The Ketch-All uses the mouse's own curiosity as bait. Once they enter either side of the tunnel opening, the hair trigger activates the paddle wheel and the mouse is "spanked" into the caged end. Trapped mice attract other mice! Soon, you will have trapped the whole family with no bait, no mess and no poisionous chemicals. Empty the Ketch-All by simply sliding back the top lid and pulling up the end plate. To reuse, after 10 to 12 catches, simply rewind the trap 4 to 6 full (360) turns.

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