Total-Biotics Powder (8 oz)
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Total-Biotics is designed for daily use to aid digestion and support a normal immune response. It can also be used in larger amounts to replace the normal pro-biotic balance in times of excess stress. Many things can destroy the intestinal bacteria balance: Stress, poor diet, pollutants, environmental changes and prescription drugs. Overuse of antibiotics also destroys the beneficial bateria as well as bad bacteria. These inbalances or shortcomings can contribute to a host of problems like vomiting, loose stool, poor nutrient absorption, dull coat, low energy and more. Pets with large amount of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of unhealthy organisms. So, if pets are to maintain a healthy body, they need large quantities of friendly bacteria. Total-Biotics supplies just the right amount of eleven different species of Pro-Biotics matched to how much food your pets eat. Total-Biotics gives you a unique advantage not available from anyone else. Total-Biotics utilizes L.E.A.D.S which stands for "Live Enzyme Activated Delivery". This special enzyme delivery system first used in human nutrition is now available for your pet. It ensures nutrient delivery on a cellular level. Total-Biotics uses only human grade pro-biotics, enzymes and patented amino acid chelated minerals. For superior result use the companion digestive aid Total-Zymes along with Total-Biotics and give your pet every advantage for a long and healthy life.

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