Training Kit for Dogs

Training Kit for Dogs

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Are you stuck not being able to command your dog? Or have you made progress with your dog ?sometimes? listening to you? It?s hard to train your dog without knowing what tools are needed to get the job done right. At EntirelyPets we?ve created a Training Kit to help get the job done correctly. It includes the 3 essential items to clicker train your dog (bite-sized treats, treat holder, clicker). Clicker training works by associating a ?click? with treats (good). That ?click? sound is then used to instantly reward good behavior. Key Benefits All important elements needed to train your dog (besides you) Top quality training supplies hand-picked by EntirelyPets staff Additional savings over individually priced items Bonus potty training pads added What?s Included Assortment of Treat Flavors (Beef, Chicken, Salmon): Includes 3 delicious, bite-sized flavors that your dog will love. Delicious to make your dog work for the treat. Bite-sized for multiple uses during a training session. Treat Holder: The Chuckit! Treat Tote easily clips on and holds your treats at hip level. It easily opens/closes single-handedly (literally) making it ideal for clicker training. Triple Crown Clicker: This clicker creates a distinguishable clicking sound the instant you press it. Great for reinforcing good behavior. Composure Liquid MAX for Dogs and Cat: is recommended for dogs and cats exposed to increased environmental stressors. It is an advanced formula that contains a combination of factors, not found in other calming formulas that help reduce behavioral problems associated with stressful situations.



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