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ZiwiPeak Cuisine pet food is a complete, natural balanced real-meat diet prepared with care in New Zealand beneath the Bay of Plenty's celebrated peak, Mt. Maunganui. The peak health of dogs depends on the sustenance they get from real meat. ZiwiPeak air-dried recipes are guaranteed to contain 98% Meat/Fish, Organs, Bone and New Zealand Green Mussel, providing the same balance of meat ingredients that dogs would find by hunting in the wild. It's the diet that nature intended. Energize your pets with the nutritional value of a raw meat diet, with the convenience of air-dried jerky style portionsZiwiPeak ingredients are sourced from livestock ranch-raised (free of antibiotics and hormones) on New Zealand's green fields and fish from its clear blue waters. Only ingredients 'passed fit for human consumption' make the grade - no artificial colors, preservatives, fillers or grains. ZiwiPeak Cuisine is suitable to feed your pet at any stage of life - from puppy to mature adult. Most importantly, dogs love the taste!ZiwiPeak Cuisine is available in air-dried pouches. The gentle air-drying process delivers a high quality diet while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the natural raw materials. Air-drying is a sterile and safe food processing method, carried out under controlled conditions. Food is best used within 30 days after opening.The ZiwiPeak Philosophy Nutrition is vital to life. Our human bodies are designed to process a certain hierarchy of food types to give us the nutrients our bodies need to perform. When we don't get the right nutrients, things go wrong. We get fatigued, put on weight, or worse - become diseased. The same happens to our pets! What we don't always understand, however, is that cats and dogs are different. Different from each other, and different from us with respect to their dietary needs.In our modern-day, busy society, the balance of nature has been 'thrown' by processed foods. Convenient, synthetic foods full of additives, flavorings and preservatives make up the bulk of our diet. The results show up in an overweight society with health issues and low levels of energy. Sadly, we tend to feed our pets diets similar to our own.The fact is, we don't see our pets stalking cereals or hunting chips in the wild! That's because cats and dogs are carnivores and omnivores, respectively. Only a natural meat-based diet, free of additives and preservatives, provides them with the sustenance they need to get the most out of life.The ZiwiPeak team has a goal to educate pet owners worldwide about the importance of feeding 'the diet that nature intended' for the peak health and performance of their pets. We are dedicated to sourcing quality, ranch-raised ingredients that support humane farming practices, and only use meat cuts 'passed fit for human consumption'. ZiwiPeak's pet food New Zealand ranch-raised ingredients are certified free of antibiotics and hormones. About ZiwiPeakZiwiPeak Limited, the manufacturer of the ZiwiPeak pet food range, is a New Zealand-owned family company specializing in the production of premium quality pet food ingredients, for distribution worldwide. The company has been exporting since 1992 and currently produces 12,000 Metric Tonnes per annum. From a proven background in supplying premium raw ingredients to pet food manufacturers around the world, ZiwiPeak Limited is well placed to now offer a premium, all-natural, retail brand: ZiwiPeak.

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