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Powersun UV provides many of the known benefits of natural sunlight to captive reptiles and is recommended for setups that allow basking reptiles a way to regulate their exposure to a UV-A and UV-B heat source. A useful tool, in conjuntion with proper diet, for the prevention and veterinary treatment of calcium deficiency and metabolic bone disease in many reptiles. The following species, when kept in enclosures that allow them to self-regulate their level of exposure, can benefit from the UV-A and UV-B of the Powersun UV lamp: Water Turtles (all basking types), Tortoises (all basking types), Iguanas (all types), Monitors (all types), Bearded Dragons (all types), Sailfin Lizards (Hydrosaurus sp.), Basilisks (all types), Water Dragons (Physignthus sp.), Chameleons (C.Pardalis, C. Calyptratus), and Chacoan Monkey Frongs (Phyllomedusa Sauvagil).

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